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Friday, 08 October 2010


Fat Jacques

Wheras, in a "non-competitive economy" everyone is a loser.
Ask a Cuban, or a Venezualan.

Inless, of course you are a commissar, being whisked to your Dacha in a Zil.

Ed Snack

And the only way you will find to make this "cooperation" happen is to force people by threats of violence (you think you have a workable alternative, how ? brainwashing maybe, hey, no pressure man). In what way do you think you will change human nature ? Such fantasies have been indulged in before, with one standard outcome, extreme poverty, violence, and death.


The problem with the above (well, one of several) is that Compete/Cooperate is a false dichotomy. You cannot compete without also cooperating. For every competitor that a person or business has, they have a huge number that they cooperate with - employees, employers, colleagues, suppliers (not to mention friends, family and neighbours). It's not either/or. Which means that people gain from others gaining. If crime is low and thre is rule of law everyone gains. If the UK (and world) population is better educated and healthier everyone gains. If the under-developed parts of the world become more developed everyone gains. And so on. All competition means is that something tends to end up being done by the person or organisation who can do it better, faster or cheaper. What's not to like?

Alan Mattinson MA

I'm not an economist but looking around generally at the situation we find today I am surprised and shocked that people assume that a free market has all of the answers. Up to 200,000 low income families,(in London alone) roughly half of which are working find themselves being displaced by Tory policy which says the taxpayer can't afford to pay the 20,000 or more per year in housing benefit. The real question we should be asking is why are London rents being allowed to rise so dramatically high without any cap? Ordinary people earning an ordinary wage cannot meet the demands of a private market driven economy. Their wages are permanently low or static, whilst 'market forces' drive up the price of every basic necessity in life. Higher utility bills. Higher petrol prices. Higher food prices. Adam Smith must be turning in his grave. The market is not doing what it is supposed to do, to drive prices down through competition. Instead we see energy companies ratcheting up prices year on year. Ordinary people can no longer make ends meet. Their income far exceed their outgoings. In short they make less than the basic necessities of life require. They are then left in the unenviable position of trying to ameliorate this situation by resorting to taking out loans and credit cards. Thereby further exacerbating their predicament since high interest rates on Hedge Fund Managers credit cards can be 29-30% or indeed more. There are some very basic assumptions about the benefits of the free market economy which need to be challenged. if they are not challenged by politicians they will certainly be challenged by the anger of the growing 'underclass'. This situation left unchallenged will resort in what I would describe as the Dr Zhivago effect. Starving people will be looking through large plate glass windows at the winners in the private enterprise economy eating Steak Diane and quoffing expensive wine, whilst the spectator losers see their children starving and freezing to death. If you think that is exaggerated, then just carry on in the direction we are going and see what happens. Lets not forget also what happened in Russia in 1917.

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