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Friday, 02 October 2009


Tim Worstall

"The transition from a manufacturing to a skills-based economy,"

Eh? You actually like that rubbish? Think there is value in it? Seriously?

1) Are you happy with the idea that manufacturing does not require skill? For moving from manufacturing to skill certainly implies that.

2) Do you actually think that at governmental level there has been direction of the economy to move away from manufacturing? To anything at all? Has anyone even been trying to pull on any policy levers (whether they work or not) to close down manufaturing in this country?

Sure, they've not bailed out some basket cases, but that's been true of service firms too.

3) You do know that manufacturing output is vastly up on what it was in the 1980s, don't you? You are. after all, economically literate, something which Orr is not.

So given that in only 9 words Ms. Orr has managed to make three serious and major mistakes, each of which alone invalidates her basic thesis, what on earth makes you praise such wibble?

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